Howto Setup Comments with Disqus in Pelican

Mo 30 September 2013 by Andreas Hüwel

Feeding works for my Blog, next to come is commenting. Using Disqus for commenting in Pelican 3.2.2 is now somewhat like battery included. For earlier versions you seem to have to do things manually, as Alex Raichev describes in Issue 2: Disqus comments. Let’s see what you now really have to do to get a first commenting system running.

What`s Disqus? Join to ‘One More Network’

My Dear! How Disqus seems to become another major Data Kraken!

A nice evaluation from a non technical userland perspective comes from Rakhitha Nimesh: Improving Blog Discussions With Disqus Comments I`d like to cite a comment from Ana Andonovska: For me it was annoying at the beginning, asking me to join to ‘one more network’ but now when almost all the websites has it… and i already have a profile there…it’s ok.. it doesn’t bother me so much anymore.

I myself will try that service using it`s lightest discovery level “just comments” and let that be it. So to all people with substancial paranoia level commenting my Blog… You have been warned :-)

Setup your Disqus Account

Before you can use the commenting stuff, you need to register into Disqus. There you find a lot of disqus documentation like Add Disqus to Static Pages in Blogger and cut&paste offers for your theme - that you simply not need. Pelican already has done that for you.

So when registering into Disqus Pelican is not offered directly. Instead, choose universal-embed-code.

Then you are to configure http://<YOUR_DOMAINE>.disqus.com/admin/settings. I have choosen newest first, color scheme light background and also checked allow guests to comment. (So that I may be spammed and forced into rethinking that option.)

Did the latter, because who will comment here, if at all…? Do I force my potential commentators to either log in via facebooglewittery (and assume that they have such account), or what do I want? I would prefer to offer some normal captchas, but Disqus business model of being Daten Kraken does not offer that anonymous option.

So Where is That “Comment” Biest in Pelican?

Editing publishconf.py and/or pelicanconfig.py and uncomment / adopt this line to


Well that’s it.

How it works?

In most of the pelican-themes (code-repo) that I found, except basic, we already see the definition of our Disqus comments in:


and that is referenced from here:


{% include "twitter.html" %}
{% include 'disqus.html' %}

Theme Issues with Disqus and tuxlite_tbs

On my main page this theme shows by default the latest article in full length. Of the others then N as summary, as set in pelicanconf.py.

Problem: With my Disqus commenting System I would normally expect to be able to just comment that article straight within main page. Instead you have to click to that article. There you can see the Disqus commenting stuff. Very unintuitive.

Quickfix: I just disabled the full article view in my main page and instead show only the summaries. To comment one now clearly must navigate to that article first.

Maybe I will one day adopt the theme a bit, but I can live with my quickfix for a while.